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Why Choose TekSpider

Your website is the face of your business. Within seconds, visitors to your site will judge your level of professionalism, trustworthiness and credibility based upon it. While templates can look cheap, and don’t differentiate your business from hundreds of others that look the same, a custom web design tells your story, captures the distinct personality of your business and entices customers to find out more.

Tailored to your brand and specifications – logo, colour, layout and more – a custom website is as unique as your business. Scalable and robust, it’s designed for growth, allowing you to add new pages and features as your business expands. We build custom websites that are scalable and findable in all search engines.



Custom Application development

Tekspider runs like any IT shop. It collects complex business requirements from the clients, analyzes and provides recommended software solutions and build it customized for your business only. This can be from an online appointment system, workflow management, to full CRM solution. You tell us your need, we deliver IT solutions that excel your busienss.

Adapt To Any Device

Tekspider can deliver web solution that allows your site to adapt to any screen size! This layout is completely optional and works off of a fixed or fluid layout. Resize your browser now to see it all take effect!

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Site Shaper Available

Do you need a website up and running quickly? Then a site shaper is just what you are looking for. A Site Shaper is a quick and easy way to get your site looking just like any professional site in just minutes!